Rubbing off on my chillins

I know I just posted, but two things happened in the last 10 minutes that made me want to post again.

A. Anyone who knows me also knows I have a foul mouth. In an attempt to not cuss around my kids, I’ve tried to insert other sayings in the place of less socially acceptable terms. It’s not that I think these words are “bad” – I’ve always thought it’s a bit strange that we create a word and then tell ourselves not to use it, in any context – but I don’t want my daughter to get in trouble in kindergarten for saying “fuck”.

So, instead of “what the fuck?” I, upon the advice of my friend Moorhead, have started saying “What the what?”  Also, instead of exclaiming “Mother fucker!” I have tried “Mother Mother!”  I don’t always remember to clean it up, but I’m getting better.

I was just sitting with my four-year old in the living room, watching Harry Potter 7, and she goes “What the what is wrong with him, Daddy?” She couldn’t understand why I laughed for as long as I did, but I am sure she will one day.

B: I just got an email from Mr. Harwellicus pointing out that Hinesy is in the urban dictionary.

1. hinesy
the usage of sexual metaphorical content in the context of a classroom or classroom like environment with blatant disregard to socially accepted status quo

I can’t even say how much I like that.  I think blatant disregard to the socially accepted status quo is an important part of contented living:)

Also, in quick writing news:

I reworked my spec script and have sent it off.  I’ve done no editing on the young adult novel and have been outlining a lot on the mystery novel.  I think the rule of 4 pages of research and outline to every 1 page of written work is going to hold true with this thing.  (I might have just made that rule up, but I seem to remember it from somewhere).  I’m HEAVY into the outline and not even scratching the surface yet.  It’s going to be a beast to work on, but I’m having a lot of fun with it so far.

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