Busin’ it to Suzhou

I am on the bus right now, typing this on my phone, so please forgive me if there are even more misspellings than normal.

I know I have been less than kind in my depictions of life in China. Here are a few more observations.

Lady one row up, on the right: when we got to the rest stop, instead of using a tissue, or waiting to get to the bathroom, you farmer’s blew as soon as you stepped off the bus, getting a tiny bit of your snot on the side of my shoe. Then you looked baffled when I gave you an unhappy look.

Lady two rows up, on the right: I know diapers are expensive, but you really should spring for one or two when taking the bus, or any public transportation, really. That way, you won’t have to rush your one-year-old back to the bathroom as he pisses on the floor the whole way, getting a little on my already snot-stained shoe. Then you won’t have to looked at me like I am a heartless asshole when I say “Hey!”

Lady sitting next to me: I know you like your music, and I support your right to listen to it, but next time buy some headphones so I don’t have to also.

I would ask you to turn it off, but I don’t want to be an inconsiderate foreigner 3 times on one bus trip.

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