Yep, they look exactly the same.


Mmmm. Green turds. Delicious.


Brown ones too.

I am out shopping with the family… well, actually, I am waiting in line so Wife can get some crunchy things that are, by no means, worth the wait.

Take a look at the line in yonder pic, and the little things those people are waiting for.  The green ones look a little like turds.

My spawn are going nuts, running around, dancing singing and generally attracting as much attention as possible to themselves.
A middle aged woman just came up to me to tell me how cute my spawn are, which is to be expected, but then she went on to ask me, “Are they twins?”

Now, granted, both of my girls are unbelievably cute, Einstein-brilliant and undeniably perfect in every way, but that’s where the similarities between them end.

Big Spawn is 4 1/2, Small Spawn is about to turn 2.  Big Spawn has long hair, Small Spawn’s is short.  As you can see from the police line-up pick I just snapped, they are not remotely the same height.  They don’t even look the same, except maybe in the ear area.

Now, normally I wouldn’t think anything of some lady asking if my two very different looking and aged kids are twins, normally I’d just think “No,  you weirdo.”, but since moving to Ningbo, its happened a minimum of 15 times to Wife and I.  15 times each.

Both of us are utterly baffled.  I mean, really?  Twins?  In what universe would anyone possibly mistake these two for twins? One of them is still in diapers, for Christ’s sake.

The only thing we can think of is that because of the “one family one child” rule, that people just figure that if someone has two kids that they must be twins, no matter what the evidence to the contrary might be.

A: The law says you can’t have more than one kid, unless it’s some freak accident like twins.  B: These people have two children. Ergo: They must be twins.

I don’t know if that’s actually it, but if it is, it’s some pretty impressive leaps of logic.   Logical acrobatics, really.   It makes me want to go out and adopt a 12 year old Malawian boy, just to see if people here would ask if they are triplets.

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